Transco Railway Products

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Transco Railway Products Inc. (TRPI) is one of the nation's leading independent providers of freight car repair, modification and rebuilding services to the rail transportation industry. The Company was organized in its current form in 1967 as a combination of certain predecessor companies that had been in the railcar repair and component manufacturing business since 1936.

TRPI has established an excellent reputation for high-quality and timeliness in a wide variety of services, including general modifications and repairs, wreck repairs, unit train repairs, Rule 88 rebuilds, multi-level rack rebuilds, tank car cleaning and repair, Class I work and running repairs. Additionally, TRPI has the capability to perform high volume contract business involving a variety of services for a customers' entire fleet of railcars. TRPI is M-1003 -G2 certified at all of its facilities and M-1002 certified at (2) facilities (Miles City and Sioux City).

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